Electrical Safety Specialist

Job Description

Work Description: The Safety and Regulatory Services (SRS) Department works with internal and external personnel to achieve process improvements, compliance (i.e., environmental, utility-specific, and safety) for KUB. Utilizes strong customer service skills to collaborate with internal work groups to enhance existing or to develop new process improvements, safety compliance programs, and an overall safety culture.  Collaborates with peers in a team environment ensuring consistency, cross-training, and work quality.  Makes recommendations and implements methods or techniques to assist in attaining, maintaining, or exceeding compliance with safety regulations, particularly related to electric transmission and distribution. Interviews employees / contractors, writes reports, interprets information, and manages action items associated with incidents, near misses, or emergency operations. Collaborates with internal departments frequently, including front line personnel as well as management, to train, interact, observe, and / or answer safety / other technical questions to promote a positive safety culture. Develops and / or updates program manuals, procedures, process documentation, and training materials to instruct or for others to provide instruction. Communicates regulatory changes and requirements to all levels of the organization in written or presentation format. Makes frequent site visits to the field to observe and provide safety feedback for operations, construction, and maintenance activities at substations and the electric distribution system.  Reviews regulatory requirements, research best practices, and establish and/or implement KUB’s regulatory practices for compliance programs.  Provides recommendations and technical assistance to personnel regarding hazardous energy control, FR apparel, vehicle safety, load securement, rigging, approach distances, grounding, bonding, tagging, isolating, covering, work zone safety, fall protection, climbing, etc.  May assist or conduct educational/promotional programs in order to promote utility and safety awareness.  Works on special projects and assignments as required including support to KUB’s Incident Response programs.  May participate with other cross-functional teams within KUB, occasionally assuming a leadership role to address specific goals and objectives.  May require beyond normal business hours or standby support to aforementioned programs. Note: This opening is within the Safety Team of the Department – however, this individual may also rotate responsibilities with environmental, utility-specific compliance, and / or emergency preparedness. For more specific information regarding this position, please contact Human Resources. 

Minimum Qualifications

·      Bachelor's degree in safety, engineering (i.e. electrical, mechanical, etc.) or related technical discipline
·      Knowledge of electrical infrastructure such as substations, transformers, meters, electric test facilities, switches, circuit breakers, etc.
·     Strong PC skills including MS Office Professional (i.e. Excel,  PPT, etc.)
·     Strong analytical and project management skill
·     Excellent written and oral communication skills
·     Excellent customer service skills
·     Strong interpersonal and team skills
·     Ability to work independently on projects in a timely manner
·     Valid driver's license

Physical Demands: Works primarily in an office setting, but regular field visits and activities are required.  These field visits may include: emergency response activities and support beyond normal business hours, and mobility over rough terrain. Requires bending, stooping, lifting, and working in awkward and strenuous positions at times. Note:   The physical demands described above are intended to relate the approximate physical demands of the classification.  Physical demands for a specific position within this classification may vary and / or exceed those demands described above. Additional information regarding specific positions is available in Human Resources.
Preferred Qualifications

·     Professional certification in safety (Certified Utility Safety Professional, Certified Safety Professional, etc.)
·     Advanced degree in a technical discipline such as engineering or safety
·     3-5 years of experience in electrical safety related to transmission and distribution
Contact Information